Graphic Library

This is my Graphic Library. I've been taking pics from other libraries, and I've collected a large amount. I'm planning on making the largest graphic resource on the web for BoE, but to do that I'll need graphic designers help. Some of the best artists I've seen include Tim Farland, Drk Draxis, and many others. I've also included a little Helper section.

Here's the ONLY creature I've done so's not very good. I made it from a slab of deva/shade body, a handful of poison fungi tentacles, a dash of ruby skeleton fire from its hand, and a pinch of bat wings. Sound's like a witch's brew, doesn't it?

Feel free to take the pic and mangle it, fix it, or whatever. (Yes, its in .bmp...I'm too busy to change it into .gif) Sorry for the lack of NON-MAC compatible stuff. Do I like Mac? Of course not...

Anyway, please send me your work. I would really like to get so many graphics that I have to separate them into another website. If I can acheive that goal, I will look into organizing all the graphics dictionary style. E-Mail your graphics to me at:

If you send me the graphics, PLEASE send a .txt file that contains information about your work. If there's anything more irritating than finding the same pic 2,000 times each with a different name, tell me about it. If you wanna be like everyone else, don't worry about sending the .txt file.

One more thing...if you want me to consider doing anything with Mac, I'll need a conversion program or something. Now, on to the library!